Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixing Console Added to Hire Inventory

Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixing Console Added to Hire Inventory

ML Executives has recently added Yamaha CL5 digital mixing consoles to their rental fleet. The CL5 packages complement the company’s existing stock of Yamaha products including M7CL, PM5D, QL Series and Rivage PM7s.

Yamaha CL5

The Yamaha CL5 workflow will be familiar to anyone who has used any other Yamaha products. The Centralogic section and expanded channel hardware controls provide a highly intuitive user interface. The surface features four banks of eight faders, plus an additional bank of two faders for the master level controls. Eight analogue ins and outs are provided on the rear of the surface, along with three MY slots for use with Yamaha’s range of MY expansion cards. MY cards can facilitate additional analogue or digital inputs and outputs. They can also add additional processing power to a surface.

The CL5 system is capable of handling 72 inputs through to 24 mix busses, two master busses and 8 matrix busses. The system also features dual cue busses for monitoring applications. All input channels feature dual dynamics stages, a four-band fully parametric equaliser with additional high-pass filter and dual insert points. Output channels also feature a four-band fully parametric equaliser, dynamics processor and two insert points.

The Virtual Rack can host up to eight stereo effects engines, eight premium effects engines and 16 graphic equalisers. As with previous consoles, the 16 graphic equaliser slots can host either a 31 band unit, a flex-15 unit, or an 8 band parametric unit. Alternativley, four slots can host and eight channel automixer, utilising the inductry renowned Dan Dugan alogarithms. 8 slots can be used to process 16 channels of Dan Dugan Automixer. New units in the Effects rack include emulations of well known analogue units including the 260 and 276.

Premium Rack

The premium rack contains eight slots which can be filled with any of the nine dual or stereo premium processing units. These include emulations of Portico equalisers and compressors as well as emulations of recognisable vintage tube compressors. Added in a recent software update: the Portico Primary Source Enhancer. This is a really useful tool for getting the best from your inputs in noisy environments.


The stagebox for the CL range of desks is the Rio. These are available as a 32/24, 16/8 and 8 in or out units. Connected using Audinate’s Dante audio transport protocol 64 channels of uncompressed, highly synchronous, 24-bit, 48kHz audio can be transported across a gigabit ethernet network. Multiple Dante enabled devices can be included on the network, allowing for splits to monitors and front of house, or to a recording system. Using standard gigabit ethernet cables, the netwrok can be set up as a daisy chained system or with dual redundant topology. For long distances the ethernet data can be transoported over fibre.

To read more about the Yamaha CL5 and the range of products available from Yamaha, see the Yamaha website here.

To contact ML Executives about hiring a CL5 package or purchasing a Yamaha Professional Audio product, contact the office using the details below, or send an email here.