ML Executives Adds Yamaha Rivage PM7 To Inventory

ML Executives Adds Yamaha Rivage PM7 To Inventory

ML Executives can now offer Yamaha Rivage PM7 digital mixing systems to clients having invested in the system. The investment follows the launch of the system into the UK market over the last 12 months and the growing interest in the product family from engineers.

A RIVAGE PM7 system is based around the CSD-R7 Digital Mixing Console with built-in signal processing for mixing and effects. Other required components are one or more I/O racks for input and output, and a dedicated interface card for network connectivity.


The ideal starting point for creative audio engineering is transparent and uncoloured sound. All Yamaha mixers are built on that philosophy with the goal of allowing engineers to capture the on-stage sound accurately, without colouration, and then add creative touches as required. Yamaha’s unwavering adherence to this concept continues in the RIVAGE PM7.

The Dante audio network from Audinate has been integrated within the RIVAGE package. Dante-equipped 32 Rio I/O Racks and the HY144-D audio interface card have been combined to provide natural sound input at full RIVAGE PM series quality.

Operation of the Yamaha RIVAGE PM7

The mixing console is the engineer’s primary tool. Operability is crucial, particularly in today’s rapidly evolving live sound environment. That is why Yamaha digital live sound consoles are designed to deliver a unique blend of smooth analog-style operation ease with some of the most advanced digital technology and features available. The worldwide acceptance of Yamaha digital mixing consoles is a testament to their success.

The Complete Yamaha Selected Channel Interface

A key element of legendary Yamaha digital console operability is the Selected Channel concept. This provides direct access to the parameters of any channel selected via a SEL key. Encoders, buttons, and indicators in a comprehensive layout make maximum use of the available panel space for comfortable operation in any environment or mixing situation.

Touch Screen and Fader Strips Merge for Intuitive Control

The RIVAGE PM7 control surface features three groups of 12 faders to which channels can be assigned as required. The two leftmost fader groups work with large touch panel displays in the top panel. These provide an enhanced version of the Centralogic operating environment. The channel strips extend vertically and virtually seamlessly into the touch panel displays, for lucid, logical control. Offering the ability to manage channels in 12 channel groups provides versatility for just about any workflow.

A Monitor Section to Match Any Job

Monitoring needs of live sound reinforcement can vary considerably from job to job, so a flexible monitor system is essential. Yamaha’s RIVAGE PM7 system has two monitor/cue outputs with independently adjustable output level and up to eight combinations of monitor sources which can be stored for instant recall. The monitor section also offers dedicated delays plus eight-band parametric EQ. An insert point prior to the EQ stage allows plug-ins to be used in the monitor section as well. The carefully planned and flexible features provided in the RIVAGE PM7 monitor section make it easy to adapt to any monitoring situation.

EQ/Comp Designed by Rupert Neve, Eventide Ultra Harmonizer, and more

Processing quality has always been a major strength of Yamaha digital consoles. The RIVAGE PM7 offers a comprehensive selection of 48 plug-ins including models of in-demand classics. Ample processing power allows up to 192 instances of complex plug-ins such as the Portico 5033 or Portico 5043 to be used simultaneously. RIVAGE PM series plugins are carefully chosen and practical effects that can be invaluable for creative processing in real-world live sound applications.

Dan Dugan Automatic Mixer Built In

Through in-depth collaboration with Dan Dugan Sound Design, renowned Dan Dugan automatic microphone mixing with its advanced algorithms is built into the RIVAGE PM series digital mixing systems. Setup is easy: just insert the processor into up to 64 channels for automatically optimised microphone gain distribution. Gain control is smooth and natural, as though experienced human operators were doing the mix. The system also effectively reduces feedback and comb filter issues. For speech applications, especially non-scripted situations, this allows the operator to concentrate on details other than fader operation for consistently high-quality mixes.

To read more about the Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 visit the Yamaha site here.

If you’re interested in renting the Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing system contact ML Executives for a competitive quote.