ML Executives Supports Friends of Shelby Newstead Charity Event

ML Executives Supports Friends of Shelby Newstead Charity Event

ML Executives Supports Friends of Shelby Newstead Charity Event

On November 18th, the Friends of Shelby Newstead hosted their annual ‘Shelby Doo’ gala dinner and auction to raise money for the charity. Building on last years success in the Clive Emson Conference Centre, this years event was held in the Maidstone Exhibition Centre on the Kent County Showground. With nearly 1,150 guests in the room the night was another fantastic success for the charity. The event raised in excess of ¬£140,000.00 to fund the charity’s work in supporting children and their families with serious illnesses.

Shelby Doo 2017

ML Executives acted as production partner for the Shelby Doo. ML Executives provided a bespoke sound, lighting, video and staging package to the event.

The lighting system was controlled using an Avolites Quartz console. Fixtures from manufacturers including GLP, Robe, Showtec and Martin Lighiting were distributed around the stage and across the three 26m runs of truss suspended from the roof of the venue. Robe Pointes and GLP X4s were used extensively in the design. The look of the stage set was created using a combination iPix Satellites, Showtec Sunstrips and Robe PATT 2013s.

The video display system was centered around a Black Magic TV Studio control platform. Eight 60″ LED displays were used around the room, combined with three 6000 lumen projectors and surfaces to ensure all seats had an adequate view of a display. In addition to the content supplied¬† by the charity to introduce themselves and the auction items, a wireless, HD camera was supplied to add a live content element to te visual mix.


The front of house loudspeaker system consisted of an L-Acoustics dV-DOSC system with dV-SUBS and SB28 subwoofers. L-Acoustics ARCS were also used to cover the front rows of tables and the dance floor. A central flown array of dV-DOSC acted as a delay system. This was complemented further by EAW JF80s tucked discreetly into the flown truss structure. Audio was fed into the bar using a flown set of EV loudspeakers. The system was powered using Lab.Gruppen fP6400 amplifiers and processed using Lake Processors.

The front of house control surface was a Yamaha ML7CL-48 supplied with an Apple iPad remote control interface.  This allowed the desk to be kept discreetly out of sight at the side of stage. This desk was provided for the use of the musical entertainment sections of the evening. This featured performances from George Anthony, Gwen Dicky and The Kitts.

Monitors were mixed using a Soundcraft Vi6 system allowing for 32 mix buses from the console. These were used to feed 12 channels of Shure PSM1000 wireless in-ear monitors, two mixes of Shure P6HW hardwired in-ear monitors as well as five mixes of d&b M4 wedge monitors and a drum sub on stage.

Wireless microphones were Shure UHF-R systems with a mix of handhelds and UR1M micro bodypacks for the brass section of the The Kitts. Other microphones on stage included Shure Beta91A’s, Audix D6’s, Sennheiser e904’s, Radial J48’s and Radial JDI’s, all of which are available from ML Executives’ rental stock.

Audio in the bar area was mixed on a Yamaha QL1 remotely with an Apple iPad. ML Executives also supplied an additional two channels of Sennheiser 500 series wireless microphones and two channels of Shure PSM900 in-ear-monitoring systems to leave the bar as a semi-self contained system.

A Midas XL88 was used to matrix the two Yamaha desks to the processors. The XL88 also gave a feed to a further channel of PSM900 which acted as a wireless link to the recording camera.

To find out more about the work of the Friends of Shelby Newstead charity please click here.

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