MIDAS PRO2 System Added To Rental Inventory

MIDAS PRO2 System Added To Rental Inventory

ML Executives has recently added a Midas PRO2 system to its rental inventory to ensure the company can continue to meet the demands of clients. Following requests for the product from several clients, Managing Director Gary Marks took the decision to invest in the product. This is alongside a selection of other products added to rental stock this summer.

The package is made up of a Midas PRO2 surface, DL251 stage rack, Klark Teknik DN9650 Network Bridge and a Digigrid MGB MADI interface. The DL251 stage rack allows for 48 inputs and 16 outputs to be connected to the surface using the AES50 protocol.

Midas PRO2 Surface

The Midas PRO2 surface is capable of handling 64 input channels and 27 mix busses. All of that is processed at a sample rate of 96kHz. The surface also boasts 8 VCA groups and 6 POPulation groups for greater control of groups of channels across multiple layers. There is enough processing power to host up to 28 digital graphic equalizers or up to 6 multi-channel effects processors. The on board graphic equalizers are individually assignable to processing paths and are based on Klark Teknik’s legendary DN370 equalizer. Effect engines available include reverbs, delays, dynamic processing and equalization. All of these effects are modelled on industry standard analogue products.

The 15″ full colour screen in the centre of the console gives the engineer access to the console’s parameters, even in the brightest sunlight. Midas’s Mixtender application (available for iPad from the App Store) allows engineers to take control of key functions to anywhere in the room. This allows for engineers to listen to the mix in various locations, while the console stays discreetly located behind the scenery. The surface is furnished with six ports supporting network connectivity over 100Mb ethernet (layer one) to an AES50 digital audio network.

Midas DL251 Rack

The Midas DL251 rack device provides remote I/O connectivity for any AES50 network in a compact 5U enclosure. The unit features 48 of Midas’s award-winning microphone pre-amps, each capable of supplying phantom power. in addition there are 16 line level outputs. Once digitized, audio sources are available on the SuperMAC (AES50 compliant) network featuring N+1 cable redundancy. Using copper CAT5E cables, the DL251 can be located up to 100m away from the control surface. ML Executives supplies a 90m multicore system with this package as standard. This is made up of Ethercon, power and analogue audio cables.

Klark Teknik DN9650

The DN9650 by Klark Teknik is a bi-directional digital audio network bridge. The unit features an option slot allowing the bridge to span between AES50 and the installed option. These options include MADI on co-ax or optical, Dante or USB. ML Executives has chosen to include the MADI option in the PRO2 package alongside a Digigrid MGB Madi. This allows for the integration of Waves servers onto the AES50 network. ML Executives carries a range of Waves packages in rental stock based around the Waves extreme server system. The DN9650 is capable of working in asynchronous mode reducing issues associated with clock timing across multiple network protocols.

Digigrid MGB

Digigrid specialise in providing connectivity to Waves WSG audio network. The WSG audio network is used primarily to connect to Waves servers, including the Waves Extreme Server held in rental inventory by ML Executives. The MGB from Digigrid allows conversion between WSG and MADI. When used in conjunction with the Klark Teknik DN9650 (MADI option), Waves servers can be connected to AES50 products.

For more information about Midas and Klark Teknik products visit the Midas website here.

To rent any of these products contact ML Executives by phone on +44 (0)1322 552828 or email info@mlexecutives.com.