Additional Shure PSM1000 Added to Inventory

Additional Shure PSM1000 Added to Inventory

Due to high demand for Shure PSM1000 in ear monitor systems this year, ML Executives has added further units to inventory.

Shure PSM1000

The additional stock of systems in the J8E frequency range (554 MHz – 626 MHz) complements the company’s existing stock. Inventory now includes units in both J8E and G10E (470 MHz – 542 MHz). The PSM1000 system has gained a well-regarded reputation within the industry, both with artists and engineers. The system boasts both superb sound quality and excellent wireless performance making it an ideal choice. The systems have been popular this year with both artists and on the cross-rental market.

Wireless Workbench 6

All Shure P10T transmitters are equipped with dual network ports. This allows units to be linked together on an ethernet network with no network switch, saving cost and rack space. Once connected over a network some of the greatest advantages of working with Shure equipment become apparent. Shure’s Wireless Workbench 6 application for both Mac and PC offers a powerful means of managing Shure wireless equipment and coordinating equipment from many manufacturers. When combined with a Shure AXT600 Spectrum Manager, Wireless Workbench 6 has the facility to constantly monitor the wireless environment and identify spectrum which could be utilised in coordination. This allows for efficient use of available wireless spectrum. The Spectrum Manager is also able to respond to wireless interference. Wireless Workbench can coordinate ‘spare’ frequency assignments. The Spectrum Manager can then deploy these spare frequencies to some of the Shure products.

As a Shure Premium Rental Partner, ML Executives has been selected as one of a limited number of companies in the UK eligible to hold stock of Shure’s premium products for rental purposes. This means that Shure have certified that ML Executives has the inventory and skills to support clients renting Shure equipment.

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