Continued Investment in Shure UHF-R

ML Executives has shown its commitment to continual investment in market leading audio equiment this week by adding additional Shure UHF-R system to hire stock.

Adding to our existing stock of Shure’s UHF-R range of equipment are new units in the L3E (638-698 MHz). These complement ML Executives existing stock of equipment in the K4E (606-666 MHz) and Q5 (740-814 MHz) ranges.


Shure’s UHF-R range has been an industry leading product for some years now and is accepted on artist riders across the globe. Shure consider it to be one of their flagship products and rightly so. The RF stability and audio quality of the UHF-R system is globally accepted as the standard to beat in the professional audio market.

ML Executives carries Shure UHF-R systems in three frequency ranges including the K4E range with access to channel 38 (accessible through an OFCOM Shared Licence). Components include the UR4D dual channel receiver, UR1M beltpack transmitters and UR2 handheld transmitters. UR1M’s are available with a choice of lapelle or headest microphones from Shure, Countryman & DPA. UR2’s are available with a range of capusles from Shure including SM58’s, Beta 58A’s, Beta 87A & C’s and KSM9’s. We alos hold a large stock of Antennas and Antenna distribution equipment including Shure’s UA870WB wideband, directional antenna, UA845WB wideband antenna distribution and Professional Wirless Systems’ HA-8089 helical antenna.

Shure UR1M

Shure UR1M

ML Executives has also recentl added further to its stock of Shure UR1M bodypack transmitters allowing us to better fulfill customers requirements.


To read about the UHF-R system on Shure’s website click here.

For more information of licensing wirless system for use in the UK, visit OFCOM’s programme making & special events website here.

If you need to rent wirless microphones or in ear monitoring equipment for an event contact ML Executives to discuss your requirements.