Ex-Rental Stock Available

Ex-Rental Stock Available

ML Executives regularly invests in new equipment and in turn makes ex-rental stock available to the sales market. This year ML Executives has partnered with auction house Ramco to make a quantity of ex-rental stock available alongside equipment from many other well known rental companies.

The audio equipment available in the auction includes a selection of EAW KF series loudspeakers and their processors as well as an array of amplifiers from Crest Audio and Lab.Gruppen.


A large selection of EAW loudspeakers are available in this year’s auction lots including KF850, KF852, KF761, BH853, BH760 and several SM series wedge monitors. KF850 is a three way triamplified full range loudspeaker system in a trapezoidal Baltic birch plywood cabinet. It features a 15″ low frequency driver in a wave guide cavity, concentrically mounted with a 2″ high frequency compression driver on a 55° (horizontal) x 40° (vertical) constant directivity horn. A 10″ mid-range loudspeaker is fitted to complete the three way system. These large format boxes are ideal for medium to large ground stack applications and when combined with the appropriate MX series processor (also available in the auction) make for a great sounding system.

The KF852 and BH853 loudspeakers form the long throw counterpart of the KF850 system. Each KF852 loudspeaker features dual 10″ mid range loudspeakers and a 2″ high frequency compression drivers on a 55° x 40° constant directivity horn. The KF852 system can be used in conjunction with the BH853 low frequency component of the system which features dual 15″ loudspeakers. EAW processors are also available in this auction to process a KF852/BH853 system.

A number of lots of EAW KF761‘s have also been entered into the auction. KF761 forms part of the KF760 family of products from EAW. Each of these loudspeakers is fitted with dual 12″ low frequency loudspeakers, dual 10″ mid range loudspeakers and dual 2″ high frequency compression drivers. The KF761 is engineered as the downfill unit to be hung under a KF760 line array, and as such features a much tighter trapezoidal cabinet to allow greater vertical dispersion when used in multiple units. The KF761 system is also useful as a standalone system for applications which require a smaller box than is offered with a complete KF760 package. Fly frames and pull back bars are also available in this auction to suit both KF760 and KF761

EAW’s BH760 is subwoofer featuring dual 12″ loudspeakers mounted to a 9′ folded horn and also forms part of EAW’s KF760 series of products. These bi-amplified loudspeakers provide exceptional ‘trouser flap’ in medium to long throw applications. The stock available in this Ramco auction have seen very light use and their condition is exceptional.


A selection of ex-rental amplifiers are included in this auction from manufacturers Crest Audio and Lab.Gruppen. Lots include two racks of four Crest 7301 monitor amplifiers, a selection of loose Crest amplifiers and a selection of individual Lab.Gruppen amplifiers including LAB1600 and LAB4000 units.

To view the full auction and all lots available from ML Executives’ ex-rental stock visit the Ramco auction site here and follow the links to the ‘Stage & Lighting Equipment Auction’, but hurry as bidding begins to end on March 20th . Happy bidding!