Sennheiser D6000 Now Available

Sennheiser D6000 Now Available

Sennheiser’s range of D6000 products is now available from ML Executives. The Sennheiser D6000 product family is a range of professional wireless microphone components using digital transmission technology to improve both the audio and RF performance, when compared to previous systems.

The digital transmission technology used in the D6000 system is derived from Sennheiser’s flagship D9000 system. The technology is now well proven and offers many advantages over it’s legacy analogue equivalent. The intermodulation free capabilities of the system and the facility to employ equidistant channel spacing allows for much tighter channel spacing and better utilisation of available spectrum. This also makes the system more robust against interferance between channels.

Signal encryption is also available thaks to the digital transmission path. Using the AES 256 encryption protocol, the audio signal can be secured against eavesdropping. This is an increasingly important feature across many markets; be that banking, corporate or entertainment.


The EM 6000 receiver is a 1RU dual receiver. The wide tuning bandwidth of the unit covers 470-714 MHz encompassing all of the currently available specturm for PMSE users in the UHF band. Audio outputs from the EM 6000 are available as either balanced analogue on XLR, AES-3 digital on XLR or onto a Dante network using the dedicated Dante port. The on screen menu is highly intuitive and gives access to all relevant features of the unit. Using the dedicated control port, Sennheiser’s WSM control software can be used to remotely monitor and manage multiple units.


The SKM 6000 handheld transmitter includes all the features users have come to expect from Sennheiser’s professional range. The range of available capsules includes the evolution 800 and 900 series as well as redesigned MD 9235 and Neumann KK204 & KK205 capsules to take the most advantage of the subsequent digital transmission path. The SKM & SK 6000 transmitters are available with either an alkaline battery sled, or a Li-ion rechargeable battery.

The SK 6000 bodypack transmitter is compatible with Sennheiser’s usual lineup of high-performance, discreet lavalier and headset microphones. A 1/4″ jack adaptor is also available for using the system with instruments. As the bodypack is fitted with and industry standard connector it is also possible to connect nearly any microphone required to the system.

ML Executives has invested in 20 channels of the Sennheiser D6000 system, which is now available for rental. To discuss your rental requirements phone the ML Executives office on +44 (0)1322 55282 or email

To read more about the Sennheiser D6000 system on the manufacturer’s website, click here.