Digico SD7 Consoles Available

Digico SD7 Consoles Available

Digico SD7 digital mixing consoles. Now available with Stadius 32-bit input and output cards from ML Executives.

Digico SD7
Digico SD7

Digico’s flagship SD7 digital mixing console is a highly powerful system. It is ideally suited to mixing shows with large input and output counts. The powerful Stealth Core 2 Processing engine and software allow for full processing capablities on all input and output channel strips.

The SD7 can handle a maximum of 253 inputs and 128 output busses. There is also a 32 x 32 matrix available and dual stereo busses. The software allows for up to 256 Digitubes, Multiband Compressors and Dynamic Equalisers to be used on channels, as well as up to 32 graphic equalisers and 48 digital effects processors.

One of the SD7’s main features is its dual engines. When mirroring mode is correctly deployed, this allows the user to seamlessly switch to a backup audio processing engine, should a problem occur with the primary engine. As you would expect on such a highly specified console, there are of course also dual redundant power supplies.

Each engine is fitted with dual Optocore connection points. This allows the console to be connected to other optocore enabled devices in a loop, including the Digico SD-Rack, as well as other consoles and accessories.

Stadius I/O Cards

When combined with Digico’s SD-Rack stage boxes, the SD7 system can operate at sample rates of either 48kHz, 96kHz or 192kHz. In addition, the SD-Rack is now available from ML Executives with Digico’s Stadius 32-bit input and output cards. This offers improved sample bit-depth when compared with the standard 24-bit cards, making the digital signal a better representation of it’s analogue source. The Stadius cards offer class-leading dynamic range, THD and latency.

The Digico SD7 fleet available from ML Executives is also fitted with Waves ports. These allow direct connection of audio streams between the Digico’s audio mix engines and Waves Servers. Waves Servers provide a high performance digital processing platform which can be used to host plug-ins. These can be used to complement the Digico’s on board range of audio processing tools. Waves Extreme Server packages are also available for rental from ML Executives.

Bands around the world trust Digico SD7’s for their live sound. Engineers across the globe rely on Digico SD7’s to do their jobs. Music lovers everywhere enjoy the sound of Digico SD7’s without even realising it.
You can read here about how heavy metal band Iron Maiden used a fleet of Digico SD7’s on their 2018 Legacy of the Beast Tour.

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To read more about Digico, SD7’s and the stadius I/O cards, visit Digico’s website here. To read more about the Waves Server Platform, visit waves site here.