Digico SD12 Boosts Console Fleet

Digico SD12 Boosts Console Fleet

ML Executives has further expanded its fleet of digital mixing consoles with the addition of a Digico SD12. The surface joins the company’s existing fleet of Digico SD7’s, alongside consoles from several other industry leading brands.

The SD12 is the latest addition to Digico’s multi-application digital mixing console range. It draws on Digico’s extensive knowledge of digital audio technology and years of reaserch in the real world. The result is a compact platform featuring Digico’s world renowned processing power, available on an intuitive and familiar user interface. There are several obvious features taken from the SD12’s bigger siblings:
– This is the first ‘small’ SD series surface from Digico to feature two 15″ touchscreens.
– Dual solo busses are included as standard
– There’s an all important headphone holder built in!

Similarly, the Digico SD12 brings in new features from the ‘S’ series, that haven’t been seen befeore on ‘SD’ series consoles. The SD12 includes a multi-channel audio interface allowing for 24 channels of 96kHz audio over a USB connection to any DAW. There’s also a pair of DMI slots on the rear panel of the surface allowing for the intergration of a whole range of audio protocols. Optional DMI cards include: Dante, MADI, Aviom & Waves WSG. Other cards allow for additional microphone/line or AES inputs and outputs, while other cards allow for additional processing including Digico’s Automatic Microphone Mixer.

Digico SD12 Capabilities

The Digico SD12 can handle up to 72 inputs, 36 busses, a 12 x 8 matrix and up to 12 internal stereo effects. The surface features MADI connections as standard and ML Excutives has had Optocore HMA ports added to allow intergration with Digico SD-Racks and other SD consoles. The surface is equipped with eight analogue line in, line out and AES in and out sockets.

The SD12’s FPGA processing chip and Stealth Core 2 software allows for 119 multi band compressors, 119 Dynamic equalisers and 119 DiGiTubes.

Iron Maiden

ML Executives have now sent their SD12 surface out on its inaugual project with Iron Maiden. The surface provides the monitor mixing facilities for the band’s bassist. Touring across the USA, Canada and South America in 2019, the show continues to sell out arenas and stadiums acoross the globe. This year the audio is handled by a fleet of three Digico consoles on one optical loop. The loop comprises two Digico SD7’s, one Digico SD12, one Digico SD-Rack, two Mini-Racks and one Orange Box. Designed and implemented by a team of engineers from both sides of the Atlantic, the complete system was assembled for the first time at band rehearsals in Miami.

To read more about the Digico range of products and the SD12, got to the Digico website here.

The Iron Maiden website lists all the shows on this tour and links to tickets if you’d like to here the SD7 in action.

To talk to ML Executives about renting a Digico SD12, get in contact using the details below.