ML Executives Invests in Yamaha QL Series

ML Executives Invests in Yamaha QL Series

ML Executives is pleased to announce the addition of Yamaha QL series audio mixing consoles and Rio series networked I/O devices to rental stock. This extends ML Executives’ existing stock of Yamaha products which includes PM5D, M7CL and LS9 units.

photolibrary_mixer_ql_lineup.jpgYamaha’s range of QL series digital audio mixing consoles offer an all in one live mixing solution. A high specification feature set, along with Yamaha’s tried and tested design of graphical user interface have been combined with the user in mind to create a highly versatile product which is at home in many roles. The high mix bus count makes this range of desks an ideal monitor desk and the compact chassis of the QL1 allows mounting within a 19″ rack. The new ‘premium’ rack content includes painstakingly modelled digital replicas of some iconic vintage outboard devices, which further allow engineers to refine their mixes with the warmth and precision expected from many higher end products.

Although often considered the replacement for Yamaha’s LS9 range of products, the feature set hosted within the QL range raises its abilities to make it a viable competitor as an M7CL replacement. Benefiting from a touch screen interface, ‘touch and turn’ technology and a faster interface processor than its predecessors, the speed of workflow on a QL series’ surface has been greatly increased, which massively increases productivity of operators and will be beneficial to all events and projects.


Alongside Yamaha’s CL range of consoles, the QL range of consoles benefits from Dante integration. Dante is an uncompressed, multi-channel, digital media networking technology. The Dante protocol is based on standard networking technology allowing it to reside on most standard ethernet networks and takes up minimal bandwidth. Yamaha’s range of Rio remote units all use the Dante protocol, allowing the connection of multiple Rio, CL and QL units on one network and the routing of audio signals from any unit to any other. The Dante protocol is now well established across the industry, which means any other Dante enabled device can be added to the network and will integrate with Yamaha’s CL & QL mixing surfaces. This allows and almost end-end signal chain of Dante devices, reducing latency and the number of D-A/A-D and standards conversions required in the signal chain. For example: a wireless microphone from Shure’s ULX-D range can be connected to the Dante network alongside a Tascam CDR250N CD player. The sources could be mixed on a Yamaha QL5 at monitors and a CL3 at front of house. Monitors could be Martin Audio XE-300’s while the PA system is powered by Yamaha TX series amplifiers with Lake system processing. Simultaneously, the whole show could be recorded in multitrack form to any DAW using the Dante Virtual Sound Card.

Alongside the additional investment in rental stock allowing ML Executives to offer Yamaha’s QL series of consoles for hire, the company is also a Yamaha Pro Audio Systems integrator and Reseller.

Whether you’re looking to rent a Yamaha QL series desk, purchase a Yamaha Pro Audio product or have an entire system designed and installed, get in contact with ML Executives using the details below.